Terms and Conditions

Terms and Refunds

Refund Policy:  As it pertains to stencils, Predator Ink is obviously not responsible for you destroying the product during the weeding or application process.  If a product is released that is genuinely faulty or not cut through, please send an email to info@predatorink.com  Please do not attempt to falsely claim a faulty product due to damage on your part.               

As it pertains to custom firearm projects, there is a strict no return policy.  Each project is communicated thoroughly as to pricing, parts to paint, colors, etc. on the initial customer signed Quote.  No claims or warranties are made as to the longevity of the paint job as everyone's use or even abuse of their firearm is different. Predator Ink reserves the right to refuse business for any reason to anyone at anytime.  By doing business with Predator Ink you are agreeing to the above Terms and agreeing to remit payment upon notification of project completion.