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Predator INK:

Predator INK is a Florida based custom firearm finishing provider specializing in high end custom paint jobs using a variety of camo patterns.  Duracoat Firearm paints  are used for their ease of use in airbrushing and excellent long term durability. 

As with all paint work, prep work is the core of longevity. Each project undergoes a thorough cleaning and sandblasting prior to paint.

Though other camo techniques can be utilized with success, airbrushing creates a greater level of detail and customization not attainable with hydro dipping or spray cans.  

Any individual can customize their specific firearm with all manner of add on components. Any individual can purchase a simple black firearm from Glocks to ARs and even high end custom long range rifles.  They all look the same and many others have the same weapon you do.  Predator INK ensures that nobody else in the world has a weapon  that looks just like yours! 

Predator INK "Tattoos for Guns"  

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Your Camo Project

Firearm camo and DIY stencils

How to Start the Process

Every project is obviously unique.  To start your gun camo / firearm refinishing project simply email Predator INK for a quote.  Please include your firearm make and model, what camo scheme you are interested in, parts you want painted and any custom logos or concepts you'd like to achieve.  You will receive an Invoice quoting the gun camo project cost breakdown.

Shipping Your Firearm

Predator INK is an FFL.  You may ship your firearm here and have it shipped directly back to you.  The preferred shipping company is FedEx as they are much easier, in my opinion, to do these types of shipments but use who you want.  Pack your firearm UNLOADED please and all magazines to be painted are EMPTY, ie. NO AMMO in the shipment.  Include all parts to be painted.  Remove bolts and wrap separately.  BUBBLE wrap is best and lots of it, don't use Styrofoam.  Pack small and light as possible to decrease your cost. 

Include in your shipment:

1.  Signed Invoice you received

2.  All parts to be painted an NO AMMO in magazines please

Please do not inquire about or send illegal, questionable, altered serial numbers etc... as they will be surrendered to the proper authorities.

Copy of my FFL is available upon request.  

Your return shipping address MUST match that of your State Drivers License.  I cannot ship to a PO Box, alternate address, UPS Store etc.  

Shipping Address:

Predator INK

29740 Morningmist Dr.

Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

*** If possible, send an email with the tracking number for your shipment to



What to Expect

Lead Times are usually 4-6 weeks upon receiving the firearm.  However, depending on work load at the shop this can vary.  Please keep this timeframe estimate in mind and its better to not start projects too close to hunting season, matches, courses, etc. Every effort is made to create high end work and rushing a job does not lend itself to this end.  

Upon completion of your project, you will receive an email with a final Invoice that will include the return shipping and any applicable sales tax. Upon receipt of your payment, your project will be returned.  

Predator INK accepts:  Checks, Money Orders, PayPal and Credit Cards, other methods can be discussed as needed.  PayPal is the preferred method.

General Pricing Guide

Project costs revolve around several factors in this type of industry, which includes size of firearm, parts to be finished (scope, magazines, etc) number of colors, complexity of the camo pattern and custom logos.  That said, a general Pricing structure would look similar to this:

Most AR platform rifles, Bolt Action Rifles and Shotguns $300 and up depending on the above stated factors.  It can be less if your work is basic and single colored or you send a disassembled firearm.

Most Handguns: $200 and up depending again on the above factors.  It can be less as well if your need is basic, like a single color slide.  Sending a disassembled firearm is best.

*** This pricing is inclusive of the prep, blasting, disassembly, re-assembly and mount and leveling of your scope if applicable.  This process ensures better longevity and durability of your finish.

Best way is obviously to request a Quote for your project.

For examples of Projects, go to YouTube and search Predator Ink and you can see some project videos.  

Thank you and look forward to possibly working with you on your own custom project.

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Each project is unique and one of a kind. Please send us a request and we will send you a quote.

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